Bowling Tips : Controling Emotions During a Bowling Game

It's pretty common to see bowlers emotional at games especially when most of their pins get struck from the first time. The disadvantage that many people overlook is that they let their emotions take over in games and they would eventually work against you. The key to all games is to calm down and to let your reactions be a response to the entire game's success and not just a couple of pins which might give you over-confidence and later causing you to perform poorly.
Bowling Tips : Controling Emotions During a Bowling Game

People often react very differently even if they experience the same event. For example, when someone strikes on their first hit, you could have such possible scenarios: "I need to focus on my target and keep scoring well" or "I can now rejoice as I have almost all the skills needed" (a case of over confidence). The key difference between the two reactions is that the first is proactive, the second is likely to cause a negative repercussion. Eventually you need to start asking yourself how to bowl a better game and improve your bowling score.

Bowling Tips : Controling Emotions During a Bowling Game

Just like many react positively or negatively to success situations, some may react negatively on a loss situation. Some people are tempted to have anger out-bursts in public where they would totally lose control and become de-motivated if they could not hit a pin as they started off or when they are trying the hook ball bowling method and the ball doesn't go the way they want. The matter of fact is that you need to bottle your emotions and control yourself (as much as you could) so you could keep performing well (if you had a good start) or perform better (if you were not doing so well at the beginning).
Bowling Tips : Controling Emotions During a Bowling Game

Control, in both situations needs to start right from the beginning; before you even start the game. Having in mind that this is a mere sport and you are coming here to practice, become better at the game. And simply having fun will probably have you all less tense from the start. Importantly stop paying too much attention to the score sheet all the time and counting it up. You are not in a mathematics class so why let have this affect your score? Have a mindset that you are here to improve - whether you are a beginner or a pro-bowler.

Bowling Tips : Controling Emotions During a Bowling Game

So, you tried the hook ball bowling method and the ball did not go the way you wanted it to. Ask yourself where you have done (usually with your physical posture) that lead the ball to deviate in direction. Importantly, how to bowl like this consistently. In such you would be building on yourself to improve your score and apply the correct bowling tips and techniques you previously acquired efficiently.
So the final rules of controlling your game emotions are:

  1. Set your target way ahead of time (before even going to the game) 
  2. Be ready to adjust your techniques and accept losses on the game floor 
  3. Do not be over-emotional and modify your targets when you're in the game

Hope you have a great game.

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You are right about bowling game we should be control during play blowing game.

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