Bowling Tips : Improving Bowling Scores

Bowling Tips : Improving Bowling Scores
You may have figured this out already, but when it comes to being an excellent bowler, there is a great deal of discipline involved. Things like training your body to move in the same position every time and fine-tuning your technique constantly are all steps that every professional bowler has once taken to get where they are. Beyond this, there are other tips that can help anyone looking to improve bowling scores.

Bowling Tips : Improving Bowling Scores

Bowling Tips : Check Your Ball

Bowling Tips : Improving Bowling Scores
Do you even have your own ball? Learning to bowl regularly with a ball suited to your needs will improve your bowling game far faster than just using lane balls. Good balls can get a bit pricey, so if money is an issue, you could always pick up a good used ball on places like ebay.

Is your bowling ball the right weight for you? In theory you should be using the heaviest ball you can comfortably throw. The holes should fit your fingers comfortably. Custom made balls would allow for you to get custom fitted holes drilled.

Depending on whether you bowl with a hook or not, you will need to get a ball that was made accordingly. The balls made for hooking are weighted off center to help with spinning/hooking and straight balls are weighted dead center to roll straight.

Bowling Tips : Know Your Lane Conditions

This is probably the biggest missed step in most bowlers' progressions. No two lanes are alike as far as the lane surfaces and oil patterns are concerned. This will cause differences in things like trajectory and hook and spin. you to have to adjust your swing or even other parts of your technique in order to get maximum efficiency from your throws and improve bowling scores.

While they may not make you a pro by your next league night, successfully implementing any of these tips could very easily improve bowling skills and add more pins to your games almost immediately.

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