Bowling Tips : That Everyone Can Benefit From

Of all bowling tips I can share with you, the most important bowling tip of all is: practice! No matter how well you understand the game, no matter how excellent your bowling equipment is, you just are not going to get any better if you do not practice, practice, practice.
Bowling Tips : That Everyone Can Benefit From

Another great bowling tip is to get a coach. It is best to get a trained coach, somebody who has helped others on their road to bowling greatness. Unfortunately, getting such a coach can cost a pretty penny... if you can find one in the first place.

Bowling Tips : That Everyone Can Benefit From

So, if you cannot find somebody trained as a coach, find the next best thing - your mom, dad, friend, or neighbor, etc. Of course, you do, indeed, want someone who is a great bowler. At the very least, you want someone who is very interested in bowling - think of it this way, not all basketball referees are excellent basketball players, but they know what is going on the game.
Bowling Tips : That Everyone Can Benefit From

In other words, even if friend cannot roll a strike every time, he or she can still help dissect your movements. Your friend may still be able to tell you what is wrong. Also, perhaps you know what you are doing wrong, and you end up overcorrecting yourself - your coach (even if it is just a friend) is going to be able to tell you that you have overcorrected or to tell you other information that you just cannot see or feel for yourself.

Bowling Tips : That Everyone Can Benefit From

Besides these two major bowling tips - practice and don't go at it alone - there are tons of bowling tips to adhere to. Very few bowling tips apply to all bowlers like these first two do. Someone who always gets a gutter balls is going to need different bowling tips that someone who cannot time his or her approach. Similarly, an amateur bowler is going to be helped by completely different bowling tips than a professional.

Nonetheless, here are a few more bowling tips:

  • Stop using the house balls at the bowling alley - get yourself a custom bowling ball, or at least a bowling ball that fits your hand well. You are going to be able to use a different weight ball than you normally would, simply because it fits your hand better. Why not go heavier?
  • Get your own bowling shoes - while this bowling tip is not quite as important as the abovementioned one, it can still help. Most certainly, you are going to feel better when you are wearing your own bowling shoes.
  • When you have a question, ask it - never assume that you have learned all there is to know. Even the best bowlers, the professionals, can stand to take some advice. Never stop learning.
  • Stretch - no, bowling is not a contact sport, but that most certainly does not mean that bowlers do not get injured. Stretching can help you prevent injuries. Also, making sure that you have a ball that properly fits will keep you safer, too. You may also decide to wear a wrist support.
  • Keep that throwing are nice and loose.
  • Think - bowling is not all in the wrist, it is in the head. Really think about your movements and y our delivery. Concentrate on which movements create which spins on the ball, etc.
  • Finish close to the foul line - being with six inches of the foul line will help insure that you get the best release possible (of course, you never want to cross it!)
  • Watch the professionals - watch them on TV, or watch some great bowlers at your local alley.
  • Always keep your eye on the target - this does not necessarily mean you need to keep your eyes on the pins! Rather, look at the markers in the lane.
  • Follow through!

I hope that these bowling tips have helped you. And I want to remind you of one of the absolute most important bowling tips of all - have fun! It is not worth bowling if you are no longer having fun. Do not let the pressure to win get in the way of your overall aim to have fun!

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